Pickpocket expert James Freedman brings Man of Steal to Menier

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It has been announced that James Freedman is bringing his show Man of Steal to the Menier Chocolate Factory for six nights between 12th and 27th April 2015.

Freedman is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest pickpocket entertainers.

Funny and fast-fingered, Freedman exposes how the bad guys really work, the show reflecting a life-time spent studying hustlers, street criminals and con-men. Fuelled at an early age by being victim to muggers and further inspired by watching child pickpockets on the streets of Paris, he began a lifelong study of criminology and the psychology of thieves. In his words, “It was then I decided to become a pickpocket myself – only an honest one. I want to educate people to help them avoid becoming victims.”

Hailed a genius in his field by Derren Brown, Freedman is the only man to have picked the pockets of The Mayor of London, The Chancellor and the Governor of the Bank of England. With his hands having been insured for £1m, his expertise is courted by the entertainment industry with his consulting on the film of Les Misérables, and Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist, the BBC’s Hustle and as The Real Hustle’s ‘pickpocket expert’.

As well as an entertainer, he is in great demand from Police Forces and other security professionals as an advisor, speaker and educator on the subjects of crime prevention, social engineering and fraud – particularly the growing areas of bank card fraud and identity theft. He has recently appeared in a regular slot on the Channel 5’s series Police 5, demonstrating the latest scams and how to avoid them.

Man of Steal is directed and co-written by Edward Hilsum the founder of production company Love Variety.

For more information and to book tickets click here

Dynamo wows with new illusion

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One of the things about being a professional magician is that you understand how most illusions work. So that feeling of astonishment doesn’t happen to us very often. It’s the price we pay for doing what we do.

However, last week master magician Dynamo more than made up for that. We were lucky enough to witness his astonishing presentation to launch the new FIAT 500X at the Copper Box venue in London’s Olympic Park.

In front of a specially invited audience of over 1,000 people, Dynamo conjured a hundred floating lights before forming them into a three-dimensional blueprint of the new car whilst he sat inside.

Then with no boxes, banners or other covers, he transformed the blueprint into a real car which he then drove off stage.

If we hadn’t been there ourselves, we might have thought that it was some sort of camera trick. As one magician witness put it, “it was the finest corporate illusion I’ve ever seen . Dynamo has raised the bar and I can’t wait to see his life show later this year.”

Congratulations to Dynamo, Dan, Paul, Tim, Harry and the whole team. You have raised the bar.

A weekend with Derren Brown, David Blaine and Dynamo!

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The Session is an exclusive gathering of magicians that takes place once a year somewhere in the UK. Organised and curated by Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay, it has a reputation as one of the finest magic gatherings worldwide.

Derren Brown - The Session 2015 Guest of Honour

Last weekend saw the 10th Session with an extraordinary gathering of international talent including Derren Brown, who was this year’s guest of honour,  David Blaine, Dynamo, Troy, Ben Hanlin, Juan Tamariz, Chad Long, Rune Klan, Michael Webber, Luke Jermay and Roberto Giobbi whose presentation on the life and work of legendary 20th-century magician Dai Vernon was for us the highlight of the convention.

Congratulations to the entire team at Vanishing Inc. We can’t wait for next year.

Photo: Dan Burgess

We Predict Success for Jermay!

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We’re all incredibly excited to learn that Luke Jermay is taking his Sixth Sense show on tour, starting next month.

“Luke Jermay is the most incredible man you’ve probably never heard of. He can read your mind. No really; he can read your mind. He doesn’t use mind games or psychological tricks; there are no smoke and mirrors. He can simply read your mind. Jermay’s Sixth Sense has gained critical acclaim with five star reviews from Edinburgh to London’s West End. You’ll be amazed at his incredible powers; he knows your past, present and future, sometimes better than you do and you don’t need to be a mindreader to know that this tour will be a sell-out success.

Don’t miss this show. For dates and tickets, visit www.jermay.com/tour

Stage Magician of the Year 2014

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Congratulations to Magic Circle magician Edward Hilsum who aged just 22, has been voted the Stage Magician of the Year 2014.

The prestigious award by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, is the result of a closely fought annual competition.

A delighted Edward, who presented new unbelievable magic in his refreshing contemporary style said, “I am thrilled to have been recognised in this way and look forward to developing my magic further in future.”

Edward is currently starring in ‘Champions of Magic’, the UK’s largest live magic show which is touring theatres in the UK in 2014 & 2015.

To celebrate Edward’s success, we’re offering a £100 discount for any booking confirmed before 24 March 2015. You must quote REALCHAMPION when making your booking.

We Support U Support!

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James Freedman and Edward Hilsum (pictured) were pleased to entertain at 10 Downing Street on Tuesday to help the charity U Support which provides opportunities for children suffering with a disability, hardship or illness.

Founded by Adam and Tracey Gregory, U Support provides life changing experiences by helping disabled and disadvantaged children to attend sporting and cultural events with their carers.

The reception, to launch the charity’s ‘Opening Doors Campaign’ was generously hosted by Samantha Cameron and the door of Number 10 seemed like a very good place to start.

Prime Minister David Cameron said, “To have helped around 10,000 young people in just eight years is a marvellous achievement. I wish you and all at U Support every success for the future.”

James Freedman is The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year.

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On Monday night, The Magic Circle staged the finals of its annual competition to find the Close-Up Magician of the Year. Eight of the club’s top magicians performed sleight of hand illusions for a specially invited audience at The Magic Circle Headquarters.

The President of the Magic Circle, Jack Delvin said, “To win this competition requires outstanding technical ability, sleight of hand, performance skills and a strong personality. James rose to the top across all these criteria.” This is the second time that James has won this award.

A delighted James said, “I was amazed by some of my fellow performers tonight and am thrilled to have won this very coveted trophy and the prestigious title ‘The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year 2014′.

Breaking Magic!

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It’s our pleasure to announce that Discovery Science has aired a reshowing of Breaking Magic on Saturday 25th January 2014. A show that entwines the principals of science and magic to showcase a host of educationally mesmerising performances!

Breaking Magic follows four innovative magicians across London, New York and Warsaw as they explain the scientific reality behind some of their most jaw dropping illusions.

Stay tuned for more magic related news!

Breathe Magic Camp Sydney.

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The first Breathe Magic Camp in Sydney Australia was a big success.

Here’s the video report from ABC News.

The Breathe Magic programme of adapted magic tricks is a very effective rehabilitation tool for people who have conditions such as hemiplegia, or have had a stroke or brain injury. The repetitive action of practicing these tricks helps build up strength and dexterity, and consequently increases independence. Plus the performance skills taught as part of the magical learning experience, increase the participants’ communication skills, confidence, self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.

To find out more about Breathe Magic, please visit www.breatheahr.org
And remember when you call our bookings team and mention Breathe Arts Health Research, we’ll donate £50 of the booking fee straight to the charity.

David Blaine: Real or Magic

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David Blaine’s latest special ‘Real or Magic’ debuted on UK terrestrial TV with an airing on Channel 4 on New Year’s Day. In an emotionally moving show, Blaine stuns and astounds various celebrities, including Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Kanye West and President George W Bush.

David Blaine is the undisputed master of his genre, genuinely advancing the art of magic with this latest offering. Watch this show to be shocked, delighted and genuinely enchanted. Then watch it again, and again. Each encounter will reveal previously unseen layers and perspectives… an almost unique achievement in televised magic.

Catch up on 4OD or here on YouTube