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Close-up Magicians Close-up Magicians

We first started providing close-up magicians back in 1989... [more]

After Dinner Cabaret After Dinner Cabaret Acts

For something elegant and sophisticated, look no further than...[more]

Mind Readers Mind Readers

Can you imagine your guest’s reactions when our mind readers reveal... [more]

Pickpockets Pickpockets

Rather than leading a gritty life of crime on the streets, our friendly... [more]

Escapologists Escapologists

We’re sure you will have heard of Harry Houdini, the world’s greatest escape artist... [more]

Beat The Cheat Beat The Cheat

How often do you have the opportunity to play, and receive an education from... [more]

Fire Juggler Fire Jugglers

Have you ever wanted to play with fire? Get your party or event off to a blazing start... [more]

Stage Illusionists Stage Illusionists

A dramatic opening to any show, our illusions are big, bold and original... [more]

Contortionists Silhouette Artists

Using just a pair of scissors and a keen eye watch as our silhouettist... [more]

Contortionists Contortionists

Contortion is the art of twisting and bending the human body into... [more]

Bizarre Body Magicians Bizarre Body Magicians

Not a magician with a bizarre body, but a magician that does bizarre things... [more]

Full Entertainment Packages Entertainment Packages

A veritable magic-fest featuring more magic than you can shake a wand at... [more]

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