Fire Juggler

Your guests will be in the party spirit with some amazing entertainment before they're even through the door. Our awesome fire jugglers often entertain outside the main entrance to an event. More fun than static lit torches, their incredible skills create an attention grabbing display and make sure that everyone knows exactly where the party is.

Our performers don't just juggle with fire; they are just as useful with clubs, hoops, balls, yo-yos, dinner plates, bottles, hats, cigar boxes and large knives. Frankly there isn't much they can't juggle so it's no wonder that they can perform on a stage in venues and theatres, or walking around at indoor and outdoor events.

For a fun team building exercise our jugglers can teach large groups how to juggle starting off with soft juggling balls and moving onto more unusual items as skills improve.

Great for outdoor events or to create an entrance to an indoor event. Perfect as a normal juggler for walking around indoor and outdoor events, for workshops and for team building

Ideal for Receptions Ideal for Stage