Get Connected IllusionGet Connected Illusion
A length of rope is threaded through a mysterious box. The box is then separeted into... [more]

Amazing Golden Coin BankThe Amazing Golden Coin Bank
With this unique 'Money Machine' you can make a stack of coins magically appear and... [more]

Playing CardsMagic With Playing Cards
You'll discover some of the best kept secrets in card magic. You'll soon be able to make ... [more]

Casino ChipsColour Changing Casino Chips
A black chip and a white chip are openly displayed and then made to magically swap... [more]

Number SafeThe Perplexing Number Safe
A single die is carefully locked inside two opaque canisters by a spectator. Yet without... [more]

Money TransferMagical Money Transfer
With these very special money vases you can make coins jump invisibly one by one... [more]

Magical Message CardsMagical Message Cards
Even though they are about the size of a greetings card, when they're opened a magic... [more]

Branded Playing CardsBranded Playing Cards
Your company logo, message, product or photograph on the back of each... [more]

Promotional MagicPromotional Magic
As well as our regular range of branded magic tricks, we also produce bespoke... [more]

Branded Magic SetsBranded Magic Sets
A magic set is a great souvenir and the perfect way to learn a number of... [more]

Branded Magic Tricks
You won't need to practice for hours and hours, just follow the simple instructions to start entertaining your friends.

We've a whole range a tricks from coin, card and rope tricks, to mindreading and escapology. All make great giveaways or promotional items and ensure that your branding stays in front of your clients. If you want to add some magic to a presentation you're giving, call our magic designers for a free proposal and they'll pull something out of the hat that really reinforces your important key messages.

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