Magical Consulting
Our performers appear regularly on television in the UK, Europe and North America. Behind the camera, they have also created magic formats and produced TV magic shows and act as consultants for television shows that wish to use magic - from advising programmers which shows to buy, to creating magic for other performers. offers a professional solution to help directors and producers get the results they want from magic on to the screen. With a detailed knowledge of magic and television production we are able to advise and design magic that will work for any type of audience. We have assisted various acts with their move from stage to screen and helped make the 'feeling' of magic work for television.

Naturally with a visual art like magic, our experience extends to film. Our credits include:

Les MiserablesLes Misérables (dir. Tom Cooper) - Pickpocket Consultant to Helena Bonham Carter

Dr FaustusDr Faustus (West Yorkshire Playhouse & Citizens Theatre, Glasgow) - Illusion Designer

Comic ReliefThe Great British Menu (Comic Relief) - Magic Consultant

Brothers Bloom LogoThe Brothers Bloom (dir. Rian Johnson) - Magic Consultant and Magic Teacher to Rachel Weisz

The War of The Worlds LogoJeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds (Arena Tour) - Illusion and Effects Consultant.

The Illusionist LogoThe Illusionist (dir. Neil Berger) - Magic Consultant and Magic Teacher to Edward Norton

Tricky TV logoTricky TV (ITV) - Magic Inventor and Magic Consultant

Oliver Twist LogoOliver Twist (dir. Roman Polanski) - Pickpocket Consultant

Hustle LogoHustle (BBC1) - Magic, Gambling and Pickpocket Consultant

The Real Hustle LogoThe Real Hustle (BBC3) - Pickpocket Consultant

Shock Treatment Logo Shock Treatment
(Sky One) - Illusion Consultant and Magical Presenter

Our Work

Here are some clips and images of our work on the big and small screen.

Oliver Twist
Some of the scenes we advised on ended up in the trailer. These include the Artful Dodger's bread steal, the handkerchief steal outside the bookshop and the fruit steal at the market. Click the button below to view the trailer.

Oliver Twist Trailer

The Illusionist
If you've seen The Illusionist, you'll remember the scene where Edward Norton as Eisenheim drops an orange and it falls slowly downwards.

Edward Norton dropping an orange

It looks like CGI, but in fact it's just good old fashioned magic techniques. The image below is from the proof of concept video created for the production team.

Still from Proof of Concept