Magicians in London

Our goal is to find the right entertainer that ticks all the boxes whether you want a magician, mindreader, pickpocket, grand illusionist, an honest card sharp or a real hustler.

We’re based in London, and over the years we’ve entertained at pretty much every London venue. In fact LondonLaunch (the leading hub for creating great events in the capital) described our magicians as “the essential magic ingredient for a really cool party”.

Our performers have picked pockets in 10 Downing Street, created animal magic at London Zoo, presented illusions on the London Eye and entertained Royalty at Buckingham Palace!

If you type “London Magician” into the internet, you’ll get hundreds of links… of course, they’re not all suitable for any particular event.

Let us help you make the perfect choice by asking a few simple questions about your event so that we can give you the best advice. This service takes about 5 minutes and is completely FREE. Whether you book with us or not, we really want you find a great magician for your event.

If you have any questions just give us a call on 0845 00 62442 or leave us a few details on our contact page and one of our team will call you right back – We love this stuff!

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