Wedding Magician

Where not all the guests may know each other, a wedding magician can act as a great catalyst bringing everyone together. An experienced wedding magician can adapt their presentation according to the group they are entertaining so everyone from granny to the youngest bridesmaid can enjoy the magic.

While the photographs are being taken, the bride and bridegroom may be away from their guests and this is another moment when the guests really appreciate some entertainment and personal attention. Although many modern couples decide not to have a formal receiving line on the way into the wedding breakfast, this is an ideal opportunity for the bride and bridegroom to make sure they personally greet every single guest on the day.

Every good wedding magician will make sure that guests are engaged and entertained as they wait to meet you. So you can relax and enjoy yourselves, knowing that everyone is having a good time. And of course, at the meal, sophisticated wedding magic will start conversations and generate laughter and applause among the wedding guests.

Our wedding magicians will create a special magical souvenir of your special day - we won't spoil the surprise here but you will be left with something that you will treasure at it is guaranteed to remind you of the day and of all your wedding guests. To add another touch of magic to the most magical day of your lives call our team for professional advice and guidance.

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