Whilst they meet and greet your guests our friendly pickpockets quietly 'borrow' watches, wallets, keys and other valuables.

As well as performing close up, a stage performance is equally amusing. Members of the audience are invited to “assist” as the pickpocket steals their watches, wallets and even their glasses and ties! Incredibly, the audience is able to see and appreciate the incredible speed and skills of our pickpocket, while the perplexed “assistants” never see or suspect a thing.

For business audiences (especially banking, security and insurance!) who want something unique at a conference, after dinner speech or seminar session, why not introduce a pickpocket posing as a company spokesman or industry expert?

During his presentation a few members of the audience are invited to contribute as he pickpockets their watches, wallets and even their glasses and ties!

Pickpockets can be presented as a walkaround, cabaret, after dinner or theatre entertainment.

We are very proud that the UK's finest pickpocket entertainer, 'The Man of Steal' is available exclusively throughout Europe from Magicians.co.uk. For more details click here or visit www.pickpocket.co.uk

Ideal for Receptions Ideal for Tableside Ideal for Stand-up Ideal for Stage