We Support U Support!

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James Freedman and Edward Hilsum (pictured) were pleased to entertain at 10 Downing Street on Tuesday to help the charity U Support which provides opportunities for children suffering with a disability, hardship or illness. Founded by Adam and Tracey Gregory, U Support provides life changing experiences by helping disabled and disadvantaged children to attend sporting [...]

Real Magic Moment

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Every day, every magician on our team creates magic for clients. But on Saturday night, there was a real magic moment and luckily, someone caught it on their smartphone! Check out this video: Huge congratulations to Gavin & Louise from all of us here. x If you would like a magician to create a tailor [...]

The Journey of the Performance

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Mike Caveney, professional magician and co-author of Magic, 1400s-1950s for Taschen Books has been talking to the BBC about how performing magicians have been adapting to their changing environments over the centuries, whether performing on the streets, in a fairground stall or in the golden age of the music halls. Even in this technological age, [...]

Magician is awarded Inner Magic Circle membership

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We were delighted to learn that the President of The Magic Circle has called Martyn Rowland to membership of the Inner Magic Circle in recognition of his outstanding skill as a performer. Martyn is one of the UK’s most talented magicians, He has entertained Her Majesty the Queen and as part of our team, has [...]

Young Magician Juggles Family and Work

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This week we’ve been inspired by a news story from BBC News Africa about Olawetu Dyantyi, a 19 year old boy from one of Cape Town’s townships in South Africa. At the age of 10 Olawetu saw a magic show put on by the College of Magic – an outreach project in Cape Town. He [...]

Fantastic Tablecloth Trick

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Like most of us you’ve no doubt been marvelling at the Unum “tablecloth advert” and wondering if it’s a fake or not. Well, we can categorically say that it’s not a fake, purely the skill and genius of gentleman juggler Mat Ricardo. Just to be safe, Unum asked Mat to perform the trick a further [...]

Record Breaking Magic Lesson

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The Guinness World Record for the largest magic lesson has been smashed by magician Kevin McMahon (pictured). Kevin first burst on to the magic scene in 2005 in the hit reality TV show ‘Faking It’ where he was trained by our very own Nigel Mead. Originally a quiet and mild mannered scientist, the show put [...]

Mind Reader Magician Downloads Your Thoughts

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David Guillame, a ‘gifted’ clairvoyant has conducted an eye opening experiment where random members of the public were invited to have their minds read. David is found to have an incredibly accurate insight into their lives, revealing intimate details on the participant’s lives, hobbies, tattoos and even sensitive financial details, proving his psychic powers border [...]

Simon Drakes House of Magic

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Last week Magicians.co.uk was invited to visit The House of Magic; an enchanting venue with a magical twist and undoubtedly one of London’s best kept secrets! The evening combined superb close up entertainment, a magnificent stage show and delicious cuisine but what set The House of Magic apart from the rest is the engrossing and [...]

How to Stay Safe During The Olympics

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With the Olympics just around the corner it is important to remember that, if you are in London during the games, there is likely to be an increase in thieves and pickpockets. When he’s not performing, our honest pickpocket James Freedman is passionate about reducing street crime by telling people how to stay safe. You [...]