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Like most of us you’ve no doubt been marvelling at the Unum “tablecloth advert” and wondering if it’s a fake or not. Well, we can categorically say that it’s not a fake, purely the skill and genius of gentleman juggler Mat Ricardo. Just to be safe, Unum asked Mat to perform the trick a further 39 times as you can see in the video above.

As well as his signature table cloth trick, Magic Circle member Mat has a gift for juggling that has to be seen to be believed. He has astonished audiences across the UK and Europe with his outstanding act, and has made numerous TV appearances.

So if you’re looking for an award-winning act to add some sparkle and enchantment to your next celebration or corporate event, or just need the tablecloths rearranged(!) give us a call on 0845 00 62442.

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