Let the Curtain Rise…

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The Edinburgh Fringe Festival begins on Friday with hundreds of unique and wonderful acts for you to enjoy including Ben Hart, Piff the Magic Dragon, Paul Dabek, Vikki Stone, Alistair McGowan, Al Murray, Ardal O’Hanlon, Christian O’Connell, Paul Zerdin, Ed Byrne, Sarah Millican, Omid Djalili, Pete Firman and Stephen K Amos. Established in 1947, The [...]

BBC2 – The Secret Life of Uri Geller

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Mystifying spoon bender Uri Geller’s secret life as a CIA ‘psychic spy’ was uncovered last night on BBC2. The programme reported that for thirty years he has been secretly working with intelligence agencies across three continents. It also claimed that the original scientists who first investigated Geller’s gifts forty years ago were actually funded by [...]

Ben Hart – The Outsider

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Previews have completed for the brilliant hit show by Ben Hart. The former Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year will debut The Outsider at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is the first time we have seen Ben use his creative flair for his own one man show, and he has sculpted an inspiring tale showing [...]

The 42nd International Magic Convention

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It’s that time of year again! Registration has begun for the International Magic Convention, or Ron’s day as it is affectionately known in our world. Ron MacMillan, the “Man with the Golden Hands” was an internationally renowned magician who started the annual convention in 1972. This year the convention will take place 16-18 November and [...]

The Journey of the Performance

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Mike Caveney, professional magician and co-author of Magic, 1400s-1950s for Taschen Books has been talking to the BBC about how performing magicians have been adapting to their changing environments over the centuries, whether performing on the streets, in a fairground stall or in the golden age of the music halls. Even in this technological age, [...]