Edinburgh Magic

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We’re just back from the Edinburgh Fringe festival and once again, there were hundreds of acts competing to put ‘bums on seats’. Several magic shows added to the mix this year but our favourite show (by a Royal mile) was the brilliant Slightly Fat Features, a seven man cabaret troupe who are very funny, very [...]

Real Magic Moment

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Every day, every magician on our team creates magic for clients. But on Saturday night, there was a real magic moment and luckily, someone caught it on their smartphone! Check out this video: Huge congratulations to Gavin & Louise from all of us here. x If you would like a magician to create a tailor [...]

Your Bleeped Up Brain

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Richard Wiseman, magician and Professor of Public Understanding of Psychology features in the hit show “Your Bleeped Up Brain” currently airing on H2 in the US. When we hear something on the radio, read a book or see something on TV, we rely on our brains to tell us whether something is true or false. [...]

SIRO-A back in the UK

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With the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this month, we’re thrilled that SIRO-A, winners of the 2011 Spirit of the Fringe Award are returning to the UK with a new “barrier-breaking, technodelic show.” Often described as Japan’s answer to Blue Man Group, SIRO-A fuse theatre, mime, an electro dance beat and spectacular lighting & video projection to [...]