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Richard Wiseman, magician and Professor of Public Understanding of Psychology features in the hit show “Your Bleeped Up Brain” currently airing on H2 in the US.

When we hear something on the radio, read a book or see something on TV, we rely on our brains to tell us whether something is true or false. Most of the time we tend to get it right, although there are times when this is not the case.

This four part mini-series will take you through an array of experiments using magic, mis-direction and psychological experiments. They are designed to show that history is full of examples where we have been duped by simple tricks designed to confuse the brain. Learn how Adolf Hitler employed deception during WWII and understand the conspiracy theory behind the moon landings.

See the episode guide here and watch how everything in history can be traced back to “Your Bleeped Up Brain”!

And for a taster watch the mind-bending “Assumptions” video below

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