Dynamo wows with new illusion

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One of the things about being a professional magician is that you understand how most illusions work. So that feeling of astonishment doesn’t happen to us very often. It’s the price we pay for doing what we do.

However, last week master magician Dynamo more than made up for that. We were lucky enough to witness his astonishing presentation to launch the new FIAT 500X at the Copper Box venue in London’s Olympic Park.

In front of a specially invited audience of over 1,000 people, Dynamo conjured a hundred floating lights before forming them into a three-dimensional blueprint of the new car whilst he sat inside.

Then with no boxes, banners or other covers, he transformed the blueprint into a real car which he then drove off stage.

If we hadn’t been there ourselves, we might have thought that it was some sort of camera trick. As one magician witness put it, “it was the finest corporate illusion I’ve ever seen . Dynamo has raised the bar and I can’t wait to see his life show later this year.”

Congratulations to Dynamo, Dan, Paul, Tim, Harry and the whole team. You have raised the bar.

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