Pickpocket on BBC World News

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Fast Track is the leading international TV travel programme broadcast on the BBC World News channel. This week, our pickpocket consultant and London magician James Freedman was interviewed about the recent rise in pickpocket crime.

James had a little fun when journalist Anthony Baxter challenged him to “steal something from me”. James asked Andrew to hold on to his watch and while he was distracted, Andrew was swiftly relieved of his other valuables!

You can watch the report here.

Pickpocket gangs are still a common threat in almost all major European cities, especially in crowded areas like tourist attractions or on public transport. James hopes to counter the rise in pickpocket crime through education, raising awareness and demonstrating just how easily we can be separated from our valuables if we don’t take a few simple precautions.

James’ award winning comedy pickpocket act is ideal after dinner entertainment. To see a clip click here

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