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Professional danger man and escapologist Jonathan Goodwin is back with a new series of The Incredible Mr. Goodwin. The hit show sees Jonathan attempt a host of dangerous new stunts including free climbing skyscrapers and rolling a dice to determine how many fingers he will use to hang off a building.

Last week, viewers watched Jonathan successfully escape from a straitjacket, suspended by a burning rope 200 feet above ground from the London Eye.

He also appeared on The Jonathan Ross show with a new demonstration that was definitely not for the squeamish. With a modern twist on the ancient bed of nails stunt, Jonathan lay on a bed of just one nail which looked like it was supporting his body weight, then he held a breeze block to his chest only for celebrity guest Nicole Scherzinger to pulverise it with a sledge hammer.

The Incredible Mr. Goodwin is on Watch at 9pm on Thursday.

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