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Pickpocket James Freedman has recently been working on a short film due to be shown on Channel 4 this summer.

The film is part of this year’s ‘Coming Up’ series from Touchpaper TV which offers up and coming writers and directors the chance to shoot a short drama with guaranteed network screening.

‘Dip’ written by Simon Lewis and directed by Lisa Gornick, is a short film about a street pickpocket called Jason played by Robert Sheehan, star of Channel 4’s Misfits, and his interaction with Asad, one of his victims played by Said Mohamed.

James choreographed all the pickpocket sequences and taught Robert the necessary skills for his role as a street thief. “I really enjoyed the script,” says James, “Simon had captured some of the psychology that street pickpockets use to confuse and distract their victims. Lisa was brilliant at explaining her vision and really wanted to convey the pickpocket’s incredible skill in these key scenes.” Check out her blog here and for more information on the ‘Coming Up’ project please click here has advised on all kinds of magic related effects for Films and TV. Past projects have involved card sharp and poker dealing, casino croupier skills, fairground fiddles, product juggling and manipulation and even bubble wrangling! To find out how we can add authenticity or special effects to your production click here for more information or give us a call.

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