John Archer

John Archer has been working as a professional Comedy Magician for the past 13 years and was working semi-professionally for 10 years before that. Since turning professional John has won many awards both in the UK and abroad.

John now works in many areas performing Cabaret, Stage and Close up or Table Magic for a multitude of events and organisations including Corporate, Private, Theatre, Cruises and Television. As well as being top class performer John has also written and appeared in several Television shows.

John Archer has an award winning comedy cabaret show to suit every occasion, from the private party to the large corporate event. From the largest theatres to a small intimate restaurant he manages to combine silly props, audience involvement and world-class tricks to give a unique brand of entertainment. Great for that after dinner moment or to liven a crowd up after a few long speeches.

John performs his tricks in a unique and contemporary way that have won accolades from his peers, making him a sought after performer for magic conventions both in the UK and abroad. Some say there is no other like him.

Cards merely thought of by spectators are correctly named. Coins are taped over John's eyes with heavy-duty carpet tape, an examined blindfold and more tape. Yet when members of the audience draw pictures, John can describe them all in perfect detail... Items vanish and appear in strange place as John performs great feats of mental and physical dexterity... All this and much more, with a unique comedy by-play and 'off the wall' improvisation make John Archer a sensible choice.

"Go and see this man live before television ruins him. Pure magic, pure class."
Gavin Yates - BBC News Website

Bill Cotton - Former head of the BBC

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