Ben Hart - Biography

He has appeared on 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' for the BBC and on Radio 4 discussing magic. He has performed live in America, South Africa, Europe and across the UK and delivered a lecture on the creative process of magic at Oxford University.

Equally comfortable performing small 'close-up' miracles or enormous illusions, Ben's captivating magic combines great skill at sleight of hand and a knowledge of illusion to create performances that are slick, baffling and timeless.

Having won numerous awards for both his Close-up and Stage magic, including The Magic Circle's 'Young Magician of The Year' award, Ben is guaranteed to amaze your guests.

"He has that certain kind of star quality one sees only once in a generation. It is not so much what he does, but how he does it. One is not looking at trickery, but magic"
The Magic Circle

"Very cool and charismatic with a winning smile.. Ben Hart's stylish performance at The Magic Circle Headquarters in London brought the art of the silent magician firmly into the 21st Century"

"Magic tricks and special effects that should have Derren Brown reaching for his notebook"
The Stage

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