Jim Cellini

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The world of magic has suffered a great loss with the death of the king of street magic, Jim Cellini.
Born Richard Sullivan, for nearly 40 years, Cellini made his living as a full-time street performer. His talent made him an internationally respected entertainer and he was widely acknowledged as the greatest street magician of modern times. Cellini’s approach changed the rules of performing street magic and his influence can be seen in the work of virtually every street magician working today. A respected teacher, his influence will continue through video recordings and his book, ‘Cellini: The Royal Touch’ which reveal some of the best kept secrets of street magic from a master of his craft.
Jim was also a very kind man, with an enormously generous spirit and a desire to entertain people and make them happy. Anyone who met him is richer for that privilege.
Jim Cellini died in Switzerland on 23 November 2009.






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